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package videoStore;

import com.is.jrf.AbstractDomain;
import com.is.jrf.ColumnSpec;
import com.is.jrf.IntegerColumnSpec;
import com.is.jrf.PersistentObject;
import com.is.jrf.StringColumnSpec;

 *  This class is really only used to save of Media objects because the
 *  Video domain joins with this table to demonstrate an efficiency
 *  mechanism.
public class MediaDomain
    extends AbstractDomain

  public MediaDomain()

  public MediaDomain(int option)

  protected void setup()
    this.setTableName("Media M");

        new IntegerColumnSpec(
            "Id",     // Column Name
        new StringColumnSpec(
    } // setup()

  public PersistentObject newPersistentObject()
    return new Media();