Class OuterJoinTable


public class OuterJoinTable
extends JoinTable

This class can be used in place of the JoinTable class since it is a subclass. Use it whenever you want an outer join instead of an inner join.

Fields inherited from class
i_joinColumnNames, i_joinColumns, i_joinTables, i_mainColumnNames, i_tableAlias, i_tableName
Constructor Summary
OuterJoinTable(java.lang.String tableName, java.lang.String mainColumnNames, java.lang.String joinColumnNames)
Method Summary
protected  java.lang.String ansiJoinCommand()
          Return something like "JOIN" or "LEFT OUTER JOIN", etc...
protected  java.lang.String buildWhereJoin(java.lang.String mainColumnName, java.lang.String joinColumnName, DatabasePolicy dbPolicy)
          This method overrides the superclass method.
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addJoinColumn, addJoinTable, buildANSIJoin, buildFromString, buildNonANSIJoin, buildSelectColumnString, copyColumnValuesToPersistentObject, getJoinColumnNames, getJoinColumns, getJoinTables, getMainColumnNames, getTableAlias, getTableName, setJoinColumnNames, setMainColumnNames, setTableAlias, setTableName
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Constructor Detail


public OuterJoinTable(java.lang.String tableName,
                      java.lang.String mainColumnNames,
                      java.lang.String joinColumnNames)
Method Detail


protected java.lang.String ansiJoinCommand()
Return something like "JOIN" or "LEFT OUTER JOIN", etc... Subclasses should override.
ansiJoinCommand in class JoinTable
a value of type 'String'


protected java.lang.String buildWhereJoin(java.lang.String mainColumnName,
                                          java.lang.String joinColumnName,
                                          DatabasePolicy dbPolicy)
This method overrides the superclass method. It returns a name/value pair that can be used in a where clause for a non-standard join. Return value example: = (Oracle)
buildWhereJoin in class JoinTable
mainColumnName - a value of type 'String'
joinColumnName - a value of type 'String'
dbPolicy - a value of type 'DatabasePolicy'
a value of type 'String'